Quadro Ceiling brackets – Advanced line –

Designed ceiling bracket with telescopic height adjustment for projectors up to a weight of 20 kg
Detail figure
3D joint
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Telescopic Adjustment
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Appliance for dismounting

  • Color: Metallic silver, RAL 9006 or white, RAL 9003; please indicate when ordering
  • Scratch-resistant and impact-resistant powder coating
  • Fully pre-mounted for quick and comfortable installation
  • Variable projector holder for beamer with threaded holes suitable for data and video projectors with insert nuts
  • Can hold a projector weight up to 20 kg
  • Joint for tilting the unit in all directions, up to +/- 20 degrees, can be rotated up to +/-180 degrees
  • Cable guiding for electric power supply telescopes inside the telescopic tubehannel
  • Quick exchange of projector due to a quick change equipment
  • Supplied with cover for covering the ceiling mounting panel or the cutout in case of suspended ceilings (external diameter 142 mm)
  • The height adjustment on the telescopic tube results due to a continuous telescopic adjustment
    - Additional safety due to crash-protection in the interior of the telescopic tube
  • Height adjustable distance elements to level the projector bottom for a multitude of data and video projectors
  • GS-mark and 5 years warranty

Article List

Size H x B Format
0x0 Ceiling Brackets Advanced 12 90017 Distance Projector to ceiling 12 cm - not adjustable unbekannt
0x0 Ceiling Brackets Advanced 30 90018 Distance Projector to ceiling 30 cm - not adjustable unbekannt
0x0 Ceiling Brackets Advanced 60 90019 Distance Projector to ceiling 60 cm - adjustable from 45 cm to 61 cm unbekannt
0x0 Ceiling Brackets Advanced 100 90020 Distance Projector to ceiling 100 cm - adjustable from 65 cm to 100 cm unbekannt