Screen surface Blankora Supra with border stabilisation

  • High-quality fibre glass base with thermoplastic coating on the front and reverse
  • Luminance factor approx. 1,1
  • Reflection characteristics according to DIN 19045, type D
  • Reflection angle about 40 degrees based on the vertical reference line to the screen surface
  • Opaque back
  • Due to an additional coating of the back side of the screen surface, the vertical border on the right and left side will be braced, so that the development of a curve edge will be largely avoid
  • Surface sealing that protects against damage and for easiest cleaning
  • Thickness of material: approx. 0,65 mm
  • Weight approx: 900 g/m²
  • Screen surface width: 400 cm
  • Complete use of the viewing area according to DIN 19045 by uniform reflection to all directions
  • Good flatness due to high-quality base material
  • True-to-nature color rendition and good spectral degree of reflection

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Size H x B Format
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