Screen surface Blankora SE 500

  • Polyester fabric coated with PVC on front and rear
  • Luminance factor: approx. 1,1
  • Reflection characteristics corresponding to DIN 19045, type D
  • Reflection angle about 40 degrees based on the vertical reference line to the screen surface
  • With black reverse
  • Flame resistant corresponding to the general appraisal certificate for the flame characteristics of B1 of DIN 4102 with the identification number BRA09-3165407
  • The above-mentioned identification number of the certification report for the flame resistance is subject to extension of its validity
  • Thickness of material: approx. 0,70 mm
  • Weight approx: 820 g/m²
  • Screen surface width: 500 cm
  • Tearproof according to DIN 53354 Warp/Weft N/50 mm 6000/1800
  • Complete use of the viewing area according to DIN 19045 by uniform reflection to all directions
  • True-to-nature color rendition and good spectral degree of reflection

Article List

Size H x B Blankora SE 500 Format
0x0 22790500 Price per square meter unbekannt